On Deck Control Station Pillars

These Control Station Pillars brave wind and weather especially at high sea. They are salt resistant and can serve in any weather, be it storm, ice or heat. These can be relied upon even in the harshest conditions.


  • Keeps temperatures and weather influences in check
  • Consists of a saltwater-proof cast aluminum alloy
  • Condensation eliminated with the help of a heating system
  • Wet spray finish or a powdered coating can be applied, on request
  • Customize command devices to suit your requirement
  • Custom configuration of all systems
  • Determination of housing size and shape possible


  • Used in waterway navigation
  • Used in ocean navigation
  • Customized configuration of all operations
  • Deck control systems have high IP protection
  • Can be produced in special stainless steel version

On Desk Control Station

Irrespective of the fact that it is storms, heat or the on deck control station pillars fights with brave wind and unforeseen weather, particularly at the high sea. You may also count on compact and the strong devices even under difficult and harshest situations. The display which is individually configurable as per the customer requirements, such as load, pressure and the warning displays


  1. The on deck control station pillars saltwater-resistant.
  2. The device is available with CAN and CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFIsafe and PROFINET.
  3. on deck control station pillars are accessible with and also without the standard round flange pillars which is exclusively for the designs to save the space.
  4. The Switch lever is available on one and on both sides for the control of winch
  5. It offers rating for High protection and it is even available in the EExd version


  1. Since these on deck control station Pillars are resistant to saltwater and corrosion and hence they are best suitable for the shipping industry.
  2. The product is well durable with the compact design for difficult conditions, also at lowest and even at the high temperatures; hence they are best for any application.
  3. This is also great used in the industry of steel production as Housing shapes and sizes are even freely choose able for production of stainless steel productions


The ODS on deck control station has personally configurable displays which could be customized as per the customer wishes, such as load, pressure and the warning displays. They are resistant to water and specifically sea water and hence it could be used in various sea applications.


  1. The Housing of ODS on deck control system is made with steel or even with the stainless steel
  2. The Wet painting for coating of about 7-layer coating or the powder coating which is available as per the specifications of customer.
  3. It is optionally available with CANopen and CAN option.
  4. The load selector switch works great for the set point of the specification about the tensile force.


  1. They are best for the applications underwater or in the sea water
  2. Being resistant to salty sea water, they are used mainly in the shipping industry
  3. The usage is diverse and for different applications as the device could be configured and customized as per the requirement of clients.

OD 2

The OD2 on deck control station possess a high rating of IP protection and they are even available in the version of EExd. We create on deck control station with or devoid of the round flange pillar, as per the condition of your application. You may even determine shape and size of your housing with the exclusive custom productions in the stainless steel.


  1. The OD2 on deck control station takes the benefit of Spohn + Burkhardt.
  2. You will get the best and the reliable services and devices through the international dealer network for the deliveries of spare part.
  3. It is Durable as well as it offers the compact design for various difficult and harsh conditions, also at lowest temperatures or even at the highest temperatures.


  1. They are perfect for the sea industry applications as they are resistant to salty water
  2. They are also perfect for various applications at different temperatures.