We manufacture customized pendants for your technology control. Although our versions have been used very popularly in the last decade, we can also adapt them according to your requirements. We also specialize in providing labeling and inscriptions.


  1. Joysticks controlled by our pendants
  2. There are various installation procedures from which one can choose
  3. We also provide you with various control elements
  4. Deliver versions with solid metal eyes
  5. Manufactured in steel sheet, plastic or stainless steel


  1. Used for secure wire suspensions
  2. Used for cable connections
  3. They can be equipped with handle frames
  4. They can be chosen to equipped with handles
  5. They come in various colors

H-011 pendant

H-011 from Spohn & Burkhardt is a beautiful yellow pendant control-box made with a cable gland and a roll over bar. It has a depth of 7mm surface area of 315mmx125mm, plus it contains a cable-entry along with a cable-max of Ø24mm.


  • Cable gland and roll over bar
  • Depth of 7mm and surface area of 315mmx125mm
  • Equipped according to the customer requirements
  • Cable outlet
  • Yellow housing
  • Bracket for steel cable
  • Heavy-duty gasket seal among bottom and top enclosure sections


  • Partial installation chance of radio remote-controls
  • It is used as cable remote-control
  • Also be used as a hanging control panel or moveable control station for different cranes, robot control, and attachments.

HV-HBV Pendant

Pendant HV-HBV is a control-box made up in a steel-plate inclusion. Also it is created in accordance to IP65. It is constructed through a cable entry with cable clamp and stress relief. Further bores and cutouts are accessible on demand.


  • Bracket for steel-cable
  • Roll-over-bar
  • Heavy duty gasket-seal among bottom and top enclosure sections
  • Equipped according to the customer needs
  • Various dimensions
  • Metal housing powdercoated
  • Robust design


  • Chances of partial installation of radio remote-controls
  • It can be employed as cable remote-control
  • It can be employed as hanging control panel or control station for robot control, attachments, and various cranes.

HD Pendant

This pendant control box is made in a stainless-steel inclusion that is created as per the Ingress Protection-level 65. Also, it is created with a cable entry along with cable clamp and stress relief. Mechanical brackets support this control box and the same is covered in a metallic escutcheon shield.


  • It has Joysticks and control devices as the complete system having the connecting plugs and the leads
  • This is made of Stainless housing steel
  • It is available in CAN and the CAN open options
  • It can be well equipped and customized as per the needs of the customers.


  • It can be used as the cable remote control
  • The suitable application is of Partial installation where the possibility of the radio remote controls is high.
  • It can be used as the portable control station
  • It is also suitable for hanging control panel at different cranes, robot control and attachments.