We supply resistors for long lasting industrial purposes without compromising on the quality. Be it brake resistors or load resistors, we give you the best. More so customized, we give you the leverage of replacing individual components easily. We also make sure that our resistors do not wear easily.


  • There are different resistors depending upon the application of them and the stress they are put under.
  • For smaller to medium level output, wire wound resistors are used.
  • Steel Grid Resistors are used for medium to high output levels.
  • High load requires cast iron resistors.
  • For any special requirements, special resistors are used.


  • Wire wound resistors are used for smaller outputs and are supplied with an internal cooling fan.
  • Stainless steel resistors dissipate heat from larger surfaces and hence are perfect for medium outputs.
  • Steel grid resistors are built and installed in homes which guarantee a good flow of air and optimal cooling.
  • Cast iron resistors are fastened on the wall or the floor for large ventilation slot.
  • Special resistors are the ones that are customized according to spaces.
  • The resistors can also be painted in different colors.

Wire wound registor

The Wire wound resistor is well optimized for the power requirements for small to the medium. The cabinet of the wire wound resistor is generally made with the high-quality of the stainless steel; extra slots of ventilation may also get integrated, according to the application.



  1.        The resistor which is connecting the posts is replaceable individually.
  2.        They Get well mounted in the strong frame for the purpose of protection against the vibration.
  3.        The removable cover makes sure about the simple access and cable entry and also routing, and also for the purpose of simple connection of electrical.
  4.        The taps are customized as per the customer needs.
  5.        You can also switch the taps possibly
  6.        The design of this resistor permits the outdoor usage



  1.  The resistors wire wound of Spohn + Burkhardt are best suitable for the power requirements of small and medium power
  2. This wire wound resistor may also get supplied with the floor or with the wall mounting as per the application.

Steel grid resistor

The Steel grid resistor is well optimized for the purpose of medium power needs and for the high power requirements. For Simple removal the sections of the Steel grid resistor are well mounted in the individual frames. The untested anti-vibration of Spohn + Burkhardt clamping fixture make sure about awesome protection for resistor. The connections get the simple design of easy access, retrofit simply, permit the flexible relocation which are customizable.


  1. The steel grids usually are designed from the high quality of stainless steel alloy with 1.4841 and 1.4541.
  2. The individual sectors for mounted resistor and grids permits the convenience of replacement.
  3. The roof vents are perfectly equipped with the huge slots of roof ventilation that are capable to promote some excellent flow of flow and also the optimal cooling.


  1. The Steel Grid Resistors of Spohn + Burkhardt are well suitable for the power requirements falling from medium to high.
  2.  The Steel grid Resistor includes strong eyelet rings that are meant for the simple transport and for the purpose of quick installation.
  3. They are well suitable for the steel grid resistors which are also perfectly suitable for the outdoor use.
  4. The Standard series of the steel grid resistors are best suitable for the purpose of floor mounting.

Cast Iron Resistor

The Cast Iron Resistor is well optimized for incredibly high loads. This offer High quality of elements for cast iron and they are also replaced individually. It offers the strong eyelet rings for the purpose of fast installation and simple transportation. The Wall mounting or the Floor mounting is done as per the needs of the customer.


  1.        The Cast iron Resistor offers Thermal switch
  2.        It also has Internal cooling fans and the External Cooling fans.
  3.        The Connections of the resistor offers easy access to design
  4.        It also permits the Flexible relocation
  5.        The Cast iron Resistor retrofits to the units of other manufacturer


  1.        This cast iron resistor is used for simple conductor mounting as well as removal
  2.        They are best used for the outdoor use
  3.        It includes the Huge slots for ventilation this offers awesome  flow of air
  4.        Surge-proof with the capacity of high overload
  5.        The Huge mass offers the capacity of High load.

The Special resistors

The Special resistors offer the perfectly customized solution for the particular application. This resistor has some special design of the 3 m tall for the unit of steel grid resistor for the conveyer of power plant belt which is meant for the application in Hungary.


  1.        The Special Resistor has an ability to get the customized as per the needs of the customer.
  2.        It is available in customized Size
  3.        It offers suitable housing dimensions


  1.        The Special Resistor offers Electrical specifications
  2.        It is best if you have special requirements for Design and Materials
  3.        The Resistor is appropriate for various Combinations etc.
  4.        The special resistors is also meant for the conveyer belts