Geared Motors


In spite of the high torque of about 26,000 Nm, the helical geared motors usually operate with high level of energy efficiency. These drives are also capable of wash-down and offer many options of connection. Motors having the unit of helical gear from NORD also have high density of power and also various available options. The gear units generally are produced in the three series and various sizes for an extensive array of applications.


  • The Helical Inline geared motor is much powerful and this offers the highest torque of about 26K nm.
  • This product is much efficient and the level of efficiency enhances productivity of geared motor application.
  • The Helical Inline geared motor units generally have the capability to wash down and this is possible because of smooth surface.
  • The Geared motor is highly strong, if needed, we may also treat the helical geared motors through thensdtupHand the protection of corrosion, that even withstands with the violent cleaning agents


  • Helical geared motors provide a perfect solution with the Helical units.
  • No two of the applications have similar features. Hence, NORD supplies 3 diverse solutions with the helical gear units. Entire variants are accessible as the version of flange or foot mounted.
  • The Standard helical units of geared motors have an extensive variety of uses and they offer proven quality of the application.
  • The characteristic is particularlysignificant for the users in sectors which are hygienically critical such as food industry and the pharmaceutical industries.

Shaft Geared Motors

Shaft Geared Motors has also developed as the unique concept that has a maximum quantity of the application options that may be produced from less number of the modules of gear unit. It results in wonderful flexibility for the customers with huge time savings and also vital reduction in maintenance costs and operating cost.Shaft Geared Motors provides the version which is application-specific of UNICASE parallel shaft that are well geared motors for individual application.


  1. The Shaft Geared Motors parallel shaft geared motors are much Powerful.
  2. The parallel shaft geared motors offers the torques from about 100 to 100,000 Nm
  3. This product is highly efficient as the incredibly compact design help to save valuable space for installation.
  4. This device is highly Flexible, as with all the series of geared motor from the Shaft Geared Motors, adapters for the IEC as well as NEMA motors are easily accessible.



  1. The device features the flat design and hence they are considered to be ideal for the installation in the applications with highly confined spaces.

Helical bevel

The Helical bevel geared motors are considered as a great option wherever high ratios of speed and torques are needed. The drive systems consist of an electric motor along with the bevel gear unit. Irrespective of you choose lightweight version or the strong version: the units of bevel gear operate with the ultimate level of efficiency over complete range of the speed ratios.


  1. The bevel geared motors are highly powerful as they are capable to attain the torque of about 50,000 nm.
  2. They are quite user friendly as it is simple to clean with the version of wash down that ensures cleanliness.
  3. The entire direction of the rotation between output and input shaft may be reversed easily.
  4. It is protected from corrosions.
  5. It offers the treatment of optional surface with the nsd tupH that protects bevel geared motors during harsh atmosphere.


  1. They are particularly suitable for being used on the conveyor belts.
  2. They are also suitable in the intralogistics.
  3. Using them in the packaging technology is also a great point.

Worm Gear Unit

The Worm gear units specifically show the strength in various applications where the ratios of high gear are important. The UNIVERSAL units of worm gear impress with the density of high power and with requirement of low space. If needed, we may even supply with highly effective surface treatment of nsd tupH.


  1. Apart from the units of universal gear with basic housing, you can find additional components that may get easily configured.
  2. The SMI series of worm geared motors possess very smooth surface.
  3. The geared motors are available optionally with the IEC and the NEMA motors through the direct motor mounting which is coupling-free in flange and also in the version of foot-mounted.

Application / Usage

  1. The worm geared motors are optimally suitable for getting use in the intralogistics, and the packaging technology.
  2. They are also a good and suitable option in the food industry
  3. Specifically in the industries which are hygienically sensitive such as food industry or the pharmaceutical industries.